Northern Lights now on Steam!

2021-01-21  /  Raul  /  850  /  0 Comments

During the three years of development on Northern Lights, we were always motivated to move forward by knowing that step by step we are getting closer to releasing our game on Steam. This was our drive. Our dream.

Today we have reached the first important stage of our development process. We are excited to announce that Northern Lights now has its own Steam page!

This marks a big step for us because the Steam page serves as a foundation for our development process. With its help, we can now spread the word to gamers, streamers, press that our game is closing to the full release.

Furthermore, the release of our Steam page gives people the chance to wishlist our game. The more people add Northern Lights to their wishlist, the more popular we become in the Upcoming Indie/Survival Game tags.

With that being said, whether you’ve just heard of us or you have been following us for some time, make sure you wishlist Northern Lights on Steam and spread the word about our game!