Northern Lights is Born

2021-01-21  /  Raul  /  445  /  0 Comments

As many of you may already know, our debut in game development started in 2015, targeting the mobile games market. During that period, we released a small number of simple yet fun, casual and arcade styled games. However, we quickly realized that the mobile markets are currently crowded to the point where it's too hard to get noticed without having high budgets for marketing or a powerful publisher behind.

After deciding to abandon mobile development, we immediately started to work on our first serious game. We named it “Northern Lights”, and the project grew into what it is today. It wasn't easy to move from Mobile development to the PC platform, but we think this step was worth taking. We do not look back at our "Mobile Era" as a failure, but more as an experience, a period in which we evolved our skills and learned the basics of game development, which in turn allowed us to evolve as a team and bring to the world the project that Northern Lights is!

Three years have passed since we started working on our biggest game project, Northern Lights. During this period of time, we continuously planned our game. As time passed, we learned more and more about game development in all the areas of this job. As a result of all the constant learning and improving we slowly became more skilled in most areas of game development. Because of that, we went through stages of creating > deleting > recreating > and so on.

With that being said, we are proud to officially announce our first game, Northern Lights, and its official website, to the public.

Northern Lights is a first-person survival simulation in which you play the role of a survivalist that was sent in a rescue mission on a Siberian island to investigate the disappearance of the crew in charge with a secret weather-measuring facility, whose contact with the motherland was lost due to abnormal weather conditions.

The main purpose of the game revolves around the induced idea of the beauty and desperation of solitude. In the early quests of the game, the player will find out shocking facts about what happened to the crew and the weather-measuring facility and also the story of the disappearance and death of the island inhabitants. The protagonist finds himself forced to find a way to leave the island as soon as possible.

This is the core experience of Northern Lights. In less than a second, you find yourself helpless in front of the ruthless arctic nature. From being the hunter, you became the hunted. Stranded far from any human habitation, you have to endure the harsh arctic conditions consisting of massive blizzards and ice-cold temperatures, hunt for supplies, survive the hungered predators and ultimately explore the abandoned world to find a way to escape the island. There is no manual to show you how to survive. Your success depends on getting out there and using all your abilities to quickly master basic wilderness survival skills.

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